Who we are

A Sextant is a navigational instrument. It represents the guiding principles that bring us together on and off of the Playa to do great things together. Sextant builds big art that gathers us and encourages us to look up, see what’s out there, dream big, and go exploring together. Sextant is Hard Science, Hard Engineering, and Hard Sexy.

For 2016, Sextant will build bigger. Our plans include a 75-foot tower, up from 52-feet last year, with our Vünderbar perched its usual 16-feet up. From our tower, at least one zipline will run, and it stands to be our longest ever: up to 1200 feet!

Sextant will also feature Tesla coils. High energy and Burning Man go hand-in-hand! The firing of these Tesla coils will bring electrifying entertainment to Black Rock City.


In 2013, we built v1.0 of Sextant Camp with a 27-foot dome and a 36-foot high crows nest on top.

Connected to that, a 160-foot zip-line.

Bar in the sky

Have a seat and sip hand-crafted cocktails elevated 16 feet in the air while you enjoy the full playa view up in the sky. Only at Vünderbar.